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Do I Have to Go To Church?

by Marco Shaw

I found this on a blog written by Mr. Steve Higginbotham and felt it was worth posting: Through the years, I have often had people ask me the question, “Do I have to go to all of the services of the church? I mean, what if I don’t go on Sunday night?” Well, allow me […]

Day 4 – Love

by Marco Shaw

Love is an incredibly powerful word but it is a word that is often thrown around quite loosely.   I love my iPhone, I love my car, I love hot dogs, I love my BF/GF of 3 days, etc….. The reality is that God expects us to live our lives based upon this word.  But […]

21 Days of Prayer Challenge

by Marco Shaw

“Pray Continually” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17 As a follower of Christ, few things are more important in our pursuit of Christ than prayer.  However, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, prayer can be an area we sometimes neglect.  As we enter the month of Thanksgiving the youth at May’s Memorial are beginning […]

Youth – Strength to Stand

by Marco Shaw

The youth had an amazing time at the Strength to Stand Conference in Sevierville, TN. Thank you so much to the Church for supporting them in getting there. Lives were forever changed for Christ!