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Renown is more than just being known. It is to be legendary. It is to be bigger than fame.
Athletes live to be immortalized for the game-winning play making them renowned the world
over for their ability. Everyone cheers and the replay lasts for years. Singers dream of writing
one song so powerful that it plays into the ears and hearts of millions. Their renown grows as
the whole world sings along. Renown comes from something that you do or something that you
have done. There are people that enjoy fifteen minutes of fame, but renown is more than that.
It is doing something so massively amazing that it is classified a phenomenon. Renown exists as
generation after generation lifts up the name of the individual that has become larger than life.
However, try as we might, renown fades over time. Memories grow dim. People forget. Renown
never lasts… well almost never.
There is One whose renown never fades… Only One. This One has a renown that has
withstood generations. This One’s loving cause has transcended continents and cultures. This
One’s shear power displayed in ages past continues to propel His name forward through all of
history. We stand at the dawning of a new world. It is on us to discover and display His renown
into this new world. The prophet writes, “Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of
your deeds, Lord. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember
mercy.”(Hab. 3:2) It is time to extend God’s renown today. For all He has done. For who He is.
His renown in our time, in our generation… reNOWn.